The Story So Far Vocalist Kicked Off Stage Himself!

(The Story So Far)

If you’re into metal in any of its diverse form, you’re a Tumblr-feminist, a The Story So Far-fan or you’ve simply just been on Facebook the last couple of days, you must have seen all the fuss there has been about TSSF frontman, Parker Cannon. But just in case you’ve missed it, here’s a recap:
During a TSSF show a fan got on stage to crowd surf and decided to capture the experience on stage. Parker Cannon then cannon-kicked (yes, we said it) the fan off stage, for taking too long. That’s about the whole story. You can always discuss whether this is an acceptable action or not, but that’s really not what all the commotion has been about. Instead of the action of kicking a fan off stage itself, a writer chose to focus on the fact, that this particular fan is female, and because of this, the writer is calling the vocalist sexist.

The 21-year old fan has been vocal about the incident, saying: “I was at the show, got up onstage and tried to take a stupid Snapchat video of me jumping into the crowd,” she said in an Instagram post. “I was drunk and my phone wasn’t working properly to load the app, so I stood up there longer than I had anticipated. As expected at all hardcore shows, Parker was going with the flow and just hyping up the crowd so he kicked me offstage”.

Picture of Parker Cannon shirtless during concert
(Picture of Parker Cannon shirtless during concert)

Since it’s not the first time Cannon has kicked a fan off stage, regardless of gender, you’d think the whole thing would be over with. But in the light of all the commotion, Parker Cannon has decided to let his voice be heard as well: “I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but I have a chest dent. A lot of people have that, but most people are born with this condition. I got mine from being kicked off stage myself at a young age, which resulted in my ribs being pressured and never straightened out again”. Cannon wish for people to know how sorry he is, saying “I never intended for anyone to get hurt, boys or girls, and because of my own experience, I will be more careful about how I handle things from now on”.


We accept your apology, Parky! Let’s just hope that’s the last of it.