The Anup Sastry Joke Becomes Reality

We’ve often heard the jokes about Anup Sastry being called “Anus Pastry” etc. Well, jokes on you.

Yesterday we received a mass-spread CC’ed e-mail from Anup himself.

Anup Sastry, the very talented musician who always ends up in rather tech projects, revealed that he has opened a bakery, and therefore wanted metal- and hardcore-sites to promote this a bit.

We took the time to ask Anup a few casual questions about this choice, including the most important one:

Will he keep playing music?

Anup says that the actual reason behind this decision is his father, who wanted him to get a real job instead of only playing music. Playing music and producing music has never given him financial stability, so according to himself, it was needed.
He won’t be working in the bakery full time though. Anup and his father bought the place with equipment, and will merely manage the place.

Anup assures that he is in no way done with music, and will still be playing and touring with Monuments.

The bakery will open on 16th of January on Riverbend Way, Frederick, Maryland.