Review: Northlane + Volumes + The Acacia Strain + Hellions – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

Date: 28/10-2015
Venue: Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
Show: Northlane + Volumes + The Acacia Strain + Hellions

Wednesdays are usually bad for shows around here, especially when the show starts at 7pm, but it seems like the slightly tech trend isn’t over yet, since people actually showed up this day!


Only knowing one pretty decent song that I’ve youtubed from this band, I had no real expectations. Hellions is, like Northlane, from Australia – so they most likely found Northlanes rehearsal room and bribed them to get on the tour. I have a sixth sense for stuff like this. What hit me was Stray From The Path if Stray From The Path had songs about being rowdy and having a good time while surfing (no idea what the lyrics are about, just picked up that vibe), or maybe I’m just being racist, because I expect that’s what all australians do. The sound was messed up at first, and the more chaotic parts just sounded muddy; but that is of course not the bands fault. As the show went on, the sound got better and better. A special applause for their rhythm guitarist who spat way too much when yelling, but instead had the craziest moves on stage. Often the warm-up bands seem to have less energy on stage, but that was not the case today. Hands down, Hellions gave the best show stage presence wise today.


The Acacia Strain

Being the ignorant that I am, The Acacia Strain, was what I wanted to see the most. Never thought that Acacia had the most interesting tunes, but I guess they’re more about being pissed off and playing breakdowns, pretty good at it as well! Not being a guitar nerd, I rarely use the word “tone”, but they had one of the heaviest guitar tones I’ve heard in a long time. Breakdown after breakdown, and I don’t ever do cardio, so I thought I was going to die a couple of times. Vince’ vocals were also beastly, a lot less pronounciation, but more brutal instead. He was also quite down to earth and a funny guy on stage. “Instead of killing your family, find a funnel to let out your anger”.
All in all a good heavy show, but their stage presence wasn’t that exciting when you’ve just watched Hellions kill it.

Also Vince slightly resembles Brian Posehn, both in looks and jokes.



Volumes were missing one of their vocalists and had a replacement drummer, which were flown in 4 days before this show. At this point the sound was a bit muddy once again, which sucked. Only knowing their single songs, every other song sounded like djent and nothing else, because you could barely hear the lead guitar. By the end of the set, this also changed, but a little too late. Vocalist, Gus Farias, did a great job as well. The kinda rapped vocals picked up the songs a lot and added some sass to it. Unfortunately the clean vocals had to rely on the crowd.



The headliner, which I’ve seen twice before, had some extra remedies to make their show better; crazier lighting than the other bands and also more smoke.
Northlane seems like such a professional band now, but maybe a bit too rehearsed by now – which is really a shitty thing to complain about. Marcus have grown a lot as a vocalist, from when I saw them (guessing) 6 months ago. His enjoyment of playing of playing shows shines through so much, and he delivered almost perfectly, with one exception in the ending of Quantum Flux, he had to scream some of the words instead of sing. This isn’t really a problem since Adrian used to do that as well, but Marcus nailed that part last time I saw them.