Review: Bane + Code Orange – BETA, Copenhagen – 09/11-2015

Date: 09/11-2015
Venue: BETA, Copenhagen
Show: Bane + Code Orange

For a monday a lot of people were here at this rather small venue. Would have expected a lot more metalheads, since Code Orange had played at Copenhell last year. Though the crowd was separated between the younger hardcore crowd and the older. Guess who came for who?
Unfortunately there was only two bands playing tonight, which made the shenanigans a bit short.

Code Orange

Code Orange has received a lot a hype these last years, which definitely is earned. Their weird mixture of mathcore, hardcore and grunge gives them an unique sound never heard before, and the weird mixture of white wifebeater, the same Fear Factory shirt, two black shirts and no vocalist, has given them a look which will be remembered, at least within the hardcore scene. Still haven’t understood how they manage to get the crowd going with the main-vocalist is the drummer, and only the bass player is not locked to a microphone; but they do. One song into the set, and the venue was already way too warm; this neither stopped crowd or band. It is obvious that todays crowd weren’t as big as they most likely were used to the rest of the tour, but Code Orange still gave a great show.

Code Orange Live


Those who were in front before, moved a few steps back, and those who were behind before, moved forward. This is the last Bane tour, which is kinda sad; but then again after so many years, some rest is deserved. Aaron Bedard’s face is just pure happiness when he plays. Might be because it’s the last tour and he’s just sucking in all the joy, because the crowd weren’t impressive compared to (at least images of) the rest of the tour. He went on to talking talking about how weird it was that there was no local warm up bands – and that people should start a band. Little did he know, that the agency/venue decided that there shouldn’t be a local band.
In the end the show was absolutely great. There’s a certain passion around bands that have been around this long. They played all their hit songs, including Calling Hours, which features Reba Meyers from Code Orange. Possibly one of their best songs.

Goodbye, Bane!


Bane Hardcore Live