Gorgoroth sued by famous English authors family


Norweigan black metal band Gorgoroth, which have caused a lot of controversy over the years are now in trouble again.

This time the family of famous English writer J. R. R. Tolkien have sued Gorgoroth for using a name which originates from the movie Lord Of The Rings.
The name “Gorgoroth” is named after a dead plateau in the land of Mordor.
The reasoning behind the lawsuit is that the family does not want to be compared, or associated with Gorgoroth in any way.

The family said in a longer comment: [“… We are a respected catholic family and do not approve of what Gorgoroth stands for. We had a hard enough time accepting that John [J. R. R. Tolkien] wrote these occult stories.”]

Gorgoroth are now considering name change, because they cannot afford lawyers for the case, and have chosen not to comment further on it until they have found a new name or found a solution.