Fat Mike Is Now Just Mike

Fat Mike of punk band NOFX doesn’t want to be called Fat Mike anymore.

Since 1983 the american punk rock band, NOFX, has toured the world and played their music for millions of fans. The first album was released in 1988, Liberal Animation, and NOFX has been known for their slightly offensive and funny lyrics from the start.
But times change, and so do people. The band behind many slightly provocative lyrics might have lost their famous provocative tune. Vocalist and bassist, Michael “Fat Mike” John Burkett has expressed, that he is no longer comfortable with being called “Fat Mike”.
Although most people familiar with NOFX probably only refers to him by that name, and ‘Mike’ alone is a bit unspecific, Fat Mike stated, that he from now on no longer will condone that nick name. This decision is based on people everywhere finally realising, that fat shaming is a bad thing. Fat Mike wishes to show people that even when punk, you’re still beautiful the way you are. It has been rumored, that Fat Mike actually has been dieting, but he denies that this have had any influence “I have been trying to lose weight, but not because of society’s standards – I just want to get a little healthier in general”.

Nothing has been said about what potential new name Fat Mike will be taking from now on. Will just ‘Mike’ be sufficient? or perhaps Average sized Mike?